Welcome to My Hero Academia: Evolution, a role-playing group based off of the very same manga made by Horikoshi Kohei. Now first thing is first! Our goal in this group is to ensure the role-players are happy and enjoying themselves while role-playing their characters to the best of their abilities. This group is primarily story driven and will go through arcs, but these ‘arcs’ will occur based on the actions other Role-play characters perform Via role-play! You can be a villain, Hero, even a bounty hunter! But to achieve such a role you must do it solely via RP. This is a friendly community so helping others improve is a giant factor to our group, though do not expect getting better to be easy!

Welcome to My Hero Academia: Evolution!Edit

Now when joining the group, the first few questions you should ask is what do we have to offer? Simple we have a community in which strives to be fair and fun at the same time. Though to achieve such a goal isn’t easy so that means we are constantly working to improve the group in anyway possible. To make things clear, this group is an alternative universe. This means the lore of the group and the characters from the original anime do not exist here. To make it clearer, there is no Deku, no All might, no Aizawa, no Bakugo, and no Todoroki. This group is completely unique and those who do join it will need to create their own custom characters.

Something else to note is that our group works on two separate pages, this Wiki page is mainly to record bio’s and to keep everything organized. The second page is located on IMVU as this page is strictly for Role-play only. A link to the webpage will be listed below, if you are strolling in and are not from IMVU you will need to create an IMVU account. Now that is all clear, you must go over the rules page listed underneath.

  • Before joining, it is highly recommended you have a Discord account which is fully functional. Having one will make things easier for both yourself and the admins of the group for communication. If you do not have Discord, your second best way to contact me would bethrough IMVU in which my username is Genrei. Your last resort would be to message me on Wiki to inform you and probably give you a link towards the discord chat.



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